Mercury Sport

Mercury Sport


The Sport Enduro range includes 3 models in a light grey PVC Haku® fabric. Beyond portability and


economy, the Sport Series boasts serious strength, manoeuvrability, and performance.

With their lower centre of gravity and high-strength floors, these boats are made for the


Great for cruising, family fun, water sports or as ship-to-shore tender, the Sport

Series has a strong resume as an achiever.

The models 250 up to 320 include:

Enduro floor made of high-resistance composite (FRP)

material for great stability and safety. No specific

maintenance required; simply rinse it with water (see

product benefits).

Numbered floorboards for hassle-free assembly.

Sleek design for improved performance and handling

at high speed.

Double rubbing strake around the tube helps reduce


Polyester bench seat.

Safety handles for secure grip.

Models XS 365 & 415, with certification for

more engine power and a more rigid structure:

XS floor made of aluminium which is exceptionally

resistant (see product benefits).

Increased power allows coastal family boating, water

sports and sea fishing.

Rounded cones provide an elegant line to the boat.


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