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P&D³'s cube system of floating pontoons offers versatility and ease of use. This is a budget pontoon and would be suitable in the following applications


  • Marinas,jetty
  • Jet ski docks
  • Drive on docks
  • Floating work platforms used in industry, communal projects, and navy engineering, etc
  • Aquatic stages for water shows and activities
  • Pontoon bridges
  • Landing for sailors, rowers, water-skiers, surfers or navy vessels, etc
  • Net cages for aquaculture
  • Swimming pool, swimming area
  • Floating walkways
  • Bathers’play rafts
  • Bases of outdoor aquatic beer bars, coffee shops, rest shelters, floral decorative displays etc
  • Motorized barges (powered by electric motors)
  • Flotation anchored raft islands
  • Judge-stages for aquatic sport games
  • Water-boundary markers
  • Enclosures and separators for water treatment plants
  • Aquatic life-guarding platforms
  • Breakwaters


  • Safe: with patterns on the top surface and no sharp corners, P&D³'s floating pontoon is free from the dangers of slippery surfaces, splinters and rusty nails usually found on wooden walkways.
  • Economical: maintenance-free and low upkeep costs.
  • Convenient and simple to construct: can be easily and quickly installed and dismantled.
  • Versatile: one connecting pin holds four modules together, meaning any size or shape can be configured on the water quickly and easily.
  • Durable: resistant to UV rays, frost, seawater, corrosion, chemicals and oil.
  • Strong: each float’s tensile strength is over 1950kg approved by the official authorities, test speed is 50mm/min.
  • Recyclable: HDPE material, 100% recyclable, environmentally friendly.


  Small cube Large cube
Size Length 50cms 66.6cms
Width 50cms 66.6cms
Height 40cms 40cms
Weight 7kg 11kg
Load capacily 352kg/sq.m 360kg/sq.m
Colours blue, black, grey and yellow
Material high-density polyethylene
Quality ISO9001:2000 certificate
Lifespan 10-15 years, depending on the usage and site location condition.


The P&D³'s cube system of floating pontoons has a wealth of optional accessories, giving the system further flexibility and adaptability. Accessories can be easily mounted, float with changing water level or tide and are no-skid slip-resistant surface.

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