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Ronautica corporation was founded in Spain in 1987 by the Andrade brothers, devoted yachtsmen, and Olympic sailors. Since then, the marina division of the company, Ronautica Marinas, has designed, manufactured and installed hundreds of marina facilities throughout Spain and Portugal, the Mediterranean, and more recently in South America, and across Europe. Ronautica Marinas specialise in the 'on-the-water' elements of marinas including, gangways and bridges, pontoons and fingers, pile guides, cleats, and other marina accessories.


All Ronautica Marinas structures, including gangways, walkways, gates, pontoons, and fingers, are manufactured in high quality marine grade aluminium 6005 A-T6. The aluminium profiles used in construction make them very strong, yet because aluminium is lightweight and flexible, it is ideal for dynamic marine environments. Because aluminium does not rot or rust, it needs no maintenance over its life even in salt water environments. Although galvanised steel should not rust, if scratched, chipped, or modified during installation or when in use, in marine environments it often does rust and requires maintenance.

As a result of the above benefits, the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of aluminium products over their lifetime, can be significantly lower than the cost of steel structures. While aluminium requires no maintenance, and holds its scrap value indefinitely, the cost of maintenance and indeed non-maintenance of steel products over their life, together with the depreciating value of scrap steel contribute to the difference in the TCO values between aluminium and steel products.

Ronautica Marinas Products

Ronautica Marinas offer access bridges and access gangways of almost any length and width. Typically bridges and gangways are between 16 and 24m length, and 1.5m wide, with 2.5kN/m2 loading, but Ronautica Marinas engineers can design and manufacture them shorter, longer, narrower, wider, and with a higher loading. The connection to the quay and the pontoon can also be customised to suit any installation. Ronautica Marinas can also design and manufacture security access gates to fit on the quay, or on the gangway.

Ronautica Marinas also supply pontoons and fingers. Pontoons are typically between 2m and 3m wide, and can be any length (by connecting them together). Fingers are typically less than 1.5m wide, and between 6m and 12m length. Again, other dimensions can be provided. The profile and weight of aluminium used in the pontoon and finger construction is dependent upon the environmental conditions to which they will be exposed. Pontoons and fingers sit on floats of either concrete, or polyethylene encased polystyrene. The height of the float dictates the pontoon freeboard (height above the water), with 500mm being the norm. On bridges, gangways, pontoons and fingers, Ronautica Marinas can offer hardwood decking, wood composite decking, or GRP mesh decking.

Ronautica Marinas also offer all the accessories required for a successful marina installation including pile guides, safety ladders, cleats, and fendering and are proud of the fact that while they can supply standard products ‘off the shelf’, their design engineers, and fabrication specialists, like to also work on the non-standard challenges and opportunities posed by almost all marina project. There is an in house team of design engineers that have both the expertise and experience required to develop solutions to complex marine problems, from anchoring, to product design, to installation and offer a design and pricing service to allow clients to fully understand the cost implications of design solutions, and allow ‘what-if’ cost analysis at design stage.

With the Pontoon & Dock Company, Ronautica Marinas can offer a full turn-key installation service. Ronautica Marinas has obtained certification ISO 9000. Ronautica has recently implemented the environmental norm ISO 14001, together with the implementation of regulation UNE 166000 on projects and R&D management systems. All Ronautica Marinas products (aluminium structures, decking, floats, accessories, etc.) have a warranty against any manufacturing defect for 5 years. The expected design lives of the products are well in excess of 5 years, with the aluminium frameworks designed to last over 50 years.

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